ping not working -> perhaps your lan port is broken

I have a very old laptop and was trying to use it as a host for a network. I bought a switch hub and tried setting up a network with this laptop(mysql server) and a raspberry pi(mysql client). Both devices have been given a static ip. the netmask and everything was set up.

However, for some weird reason the two devices were not able to ping with each other. In order to investigate the problem I learned a few simple tricks of how to use arp and tcpdump.

I found that the laptop was sending out the ICMP requests which can be viewed from the tcpdump logs.

However, the raspberry pi was not receiving anything.

Therefore I switched the laptop to my latest laptop and in this case, it worked.

I wondered if the LAN port or the LAN chip in the old laptop is somehow half-broken.

I tried using the usb-LAN adaptor and connecting the LAN cable to this LAN port. And what do you know, it works.

So, if you have any problems with pinging with an old laptop, one suggestion would be to test if the LAN port really does work or not.

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