enable layers control panel in ADS layout view

currently using Agilent ADS 2013.

while using ADS layout view, it is painful to control selectivity, visibility of layers one by one. Enabling ‘layers view’ control panel will easy this process. Here’s the simple steps to enable this feature.

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ads harmonic balance simulation and some info on fourier transform

Here’s a link to a good harmonic balance simulation tutorial in ADS


I was stuck with the problem of unable to fourier transform a waveform in transient simulation.

I did know that with HB(harmonic balance) simulation, you could get the frequency spectrum right away with the number of order of harmonics you want.

I thought this would not allow me to get the transient waveform at the same time.

But as written at the middle of the tutorial, it seems that you can see both the frequency spectrum and the transient waveform at the same time.

PS. of course I guess you can do two things at once by doing two simulations(HB + Trans) at one go, but this would be time consuming and inefficient since it will be running the transient simulation anyway.

applying cadence(or ‘spectre’) PDK in ADS

I needed to use ADS(advanced design simulation), a software developed by Agilent, to design a RF CMOS power amplifier. The problem was, that our lab had no experience of using this tool properly for power amplifier and there was nobody who did anything near to simulating a CMOS circuit in ADS. Most of our lab members who did have experience with ADS only fiddled with ADS to see how their matching network consisted of L,Cs performed. So I was stuck with the trouble of importing the MOSFET model into ADS. Our lab already had the PDK but it was only used for cadence.

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