change user password manually via mysql

due to long period of no raspi wordpress activity, i forgot my username and password to my wordpress. by accessing mysql wordpress database I found out username right away but the password was encrypted. rather than trying to decrypt it, i figures it would be more easier to make a new password. BTW I tried ‘have you forgot your password’ option but the wordpress wasn’t given an email account of its own to send the password to me anyhow.

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changing wordpress ip address when moving web server

currently using raspberry pi as wordpress server. First setup wordpress with wifi outside the dorm(148.xx.xx.xx). Later on decided to give raspberry pi my dorm static LAN ip address(110.xx.xx.xx). After doing so, when I access it with dorm ip addr, the wordpress homepage is shown without default theme. Also when I try to login, login page doesn’t show up.

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